September 26, 2018

Leslie P


Leslie P

Dear Mr. Hoaglin,

When my home was for sale earlier this year, I was surprised to find out during the course of the buyer’s home inspection that my home had a radon problem. I didn’t even know what radon was, but a bit of research really opened my eyes. It needed to be mitigated for our home sale to go through, but since it needed to be done right, both for my peace of mind and that of our home buyers, we wanted to find a certified professional to solve the issue for us.

After getting estimates from you and other certified mitigators, I was happy to say that not only was I the most impressed with you and your knowledge of radon and the construction needed to mitigate the problem, but your estimate was also the least expensive. It was a no-brainer to have you complete the work for us.

You completed the work quickly and professionally and, best of all, the end result had no negative impact on the beauty of our home as I had feared it might. You turned a potential deal-breaker in a home for sale into a selling point of our home, because now our house has a radon guarantee. We went from an average reading between 4 and 10 pCi/L to below 1.

Thank you, Bob, for doing such a fine job!

Leslie P September 26, 2018

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