September 26, 2018

Kent H


Kent H

Dear Bob,

I wanted to thank you for the fine job you did installing a system that significantly reduced our Radon readings.

As you might recall, I had heard several public announcements about the potential hazards of radon. Late in 2007, I had called the state to learn more. I ordered two radon detection kits from the Utah state web site at The state told me that their kits were simple to use, were reasonably accurate and cost between $10 and $12 each. The reason I ordered two kits was because the state said that if there is an initial high reading, they almost always suggest a second test.

The first test results came back with a reading of 13. I am not sure just what that meant, however, the state said they suggest potential health problem issues if readings are above 4.0. We then ran the second test kit, leaving it in place for a few days longer than the first test. It came back with a reading of 23.

We then had you install your system and you also left an electronic radon monitoring machine which supposedly does a more accurate test than those from the state. After installation, the reading on your monitor showed a level of .5 (less than one and certainly much better than the 13 and 23 we had previously experienced).

We decided to use the state method a third time to see if the state test kit showed similar improvements. That test actually came back with a reading of .4.

Again, thank you for your help and efficient one day installation. In addition to the system doing the job, you also were very good about cleaning up and being sensitive to the entire process.

Kent H. Smithfield, UT September 26, 2018

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