November 28, 2018




I spoke recently with Bob Hoaglin on the phone about a high radon level in my home. I found him to be both polite and knowledgeable. Expecting a significant wait, he informed me that he could come evaluate my situation that very day, when it was convenient for me, and provide me with a free estimate. Bob is personable and friendly, and one can tell right away that he has been doing this for a long time. He is also one of very few in the state of Utah to have the most comprehensive and official license. He provided me with an estimate which was actually below what I was expecting and educated me about the problem and various options for dealing with it.

Two days later he and his helper, Doug were on the job. He arrived when he said he would and the job only took about five or six hours. I trusted him in my home and was content with his service and demeanor. His work looked solid and he doesn’t skimp on parts or safety where others might. Everything looks like it is to state code. When the work was complete, he had me inspect everything with him and spent a lot of time answering my questions. He was very honest in his evaluation and predictions and things looked better than I expected they might have. Everything was very professional and no corners were cut for his own cost or time. The work is solid and I expect it to last a long time.

The bottom line is that my initial radon test showed a level of 4.0 and Bob brought it down to 1.0. I expect this level to decrease even further once I do some more minor sealing in the basement. I am happy with what I spent and confident in the person who did it. I would certainly request Bob’s services again and I recommend him whole-heartedly.


Adam Ogden, UT November 28, 2018

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