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What Is Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring, invisible, odorless gas. It is dispersed in outdoor air, but when concentrated in buildings, can be harmful, especially at elevated levels.

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Why Choose Us

All mitigations and proposals are performed by owner Bob Hoaglin. Bob is certified by NRPP and has held a general contractors license for 35 plus years.

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Our follow up radon gas test results show that in 98% of homes we have mitigated radon levels are below 2.0 pCi/L.

Helping residents of northern Utah for over 35 years See what others are saying about Hoaglin Signature Home Inspection

I did want to pass on that we are extremely pleased, not only with the results of the mitigation, but with the quality of the workmanship, timeliness of the mitigation efforts, and your professionalism during both the inspection and mitigation activities. Your work was thorough, efficient and exceeded our (admittedly) high expectations.

Thanks again, we’re delighted customers and will take opportunities as available to recommend your services to others,

Ben G